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New Blog / New Site / New Name

My last domain was lost and stoled by a spam site. So, I decided to get a new domain, more easy to remember, more clean and more close to what I want to show here. If you want to see my content save my new site:
New Photo Sessions and Videos will come this year. Thanks for your visit and visit me everyday, you never will be regret.

Daniel Shameless 2017 Mix

A mix video of some moments from last year. 2018 is coming with so much content and you'll see it here with the new hashtag #DanielSemVergonha / #ShamelessDaniel I can't wait for share all my new photos and videos.

Red Jockstrap - Youtube Video

This video is for who don't have shame to wear a jockstrap. This was a gift of a friend, but you can buy one like this here:

New Instagram: @DanielSemVergonha

My last instagram was removed! This is the 6th time it’s happens. But I won’t give up, no ones gonna stop me! This is my new account: or just @DanielSemVergonha Follow me for my daily pics and routine of work!

Exclusive Content

Exclusive Content
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