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Naked Out There - Market Parking

I want to be naked everywhere next year. So here is my new serie "Naked Out There""
Are you ready to see me naked in public again? Keep following me, I have a surprise for 2019
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Soft Trailer

XXX Trailer

Galheta Part 3

Exploring the rocks!
Watch now the new movie.

Shows Off on the beach - Trailer

Daniel Shows Off on the beach 2014 - Praia Bela - João Pessoa / Paraíba

Open Bitch 8 - The Opening Show

it's a opening show from The Open Bitch Party. Enjoy!

Tattoo Session - The First

Now you can see how was my first tattoo session!

Paranapiacaba - Teaser

What you'll gonna see next month!

Trilha para a Cachoeira da Fumaça em Paranapiacaba - Santo André - SP 21.04.2018 Video completo em breve aqui e aqui:

Full movie will be available here and here:

Open Bitch 4 - Opening Show

Thereza, Dan Sanches e Jorge Gonçalves on opening show at Open Bitch 4. Cantho Club - São Paulo

Dan Goes naked at the Rio's Beach

This is a movie from my last trip to Rio de Janeiro. That was not a nudist beach. So, that's the risk to get naked there. Meanwhile, I get a hot moment at the final movie, my Patrons will know what I'm talking about.
Watch this full movie here:

oloSSolo 18.1

oloSSolo Project 18.1 Teaser do Filme - oloSSolo 18.1 disponível na versão explicita no ou por e-mail: Teaser from the movie oloSSolo 18.1 available on my blog or by email to Mais videos completos e fotos exclusivas acesse To full exclusive videos and photos visit: Não esquece de me seguir na midias sociais, estou em quase todax Follow me on my social medias: Instagram: @DanielSemVergonha Snapchat and Twitter: @DanielShowsOff

Daniel Shameless 2017 Mix

A mix video of some moments from last year. 2018 is coming with so much content and you'll see it here with the new hashtag #DanielSemVergonha / #ShamelessDaniel I can't wait for share all my new photos and videos.

Red Jockstrap - Youtube Video

This video is for who don't have shame to wear a jockstrap. This was a gift of a friend, but you can buy one like this here:

Naked in The Gym Locker Room

After a long work out I love to get a hot shower in the gym. One day on week I check my pounds and try to get better everyweek. If you want to check my training, just send me a message. 

Now my Patron, it's time to watch a piece of my routine and my naked moments at the gym locker room. Full movie here:

Open Bitch Party - Shows

This is the first show opening the Open Bitch Party at the Cantho Club in São Paulo - November/2017

This is the second show in the Open Bitch Party at the Cantho Club in São Paulo - November/2017

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Dan Talks 5 - Youtube Video

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Gemini - The Dark Side (Video)

Watch Now the Youtube Video from the Photo Session with Bruno Wendel!
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The Lake Photo Shoot Trailer

This is a trailer from photo shoot with the photographer Bruno Wendel. The Original Photos and the Full Movie will be available to my Patrons this week here: It will be part of a big project of Bruno, where he will take pictures of guys from all the Zodiac Signs. My session is Gemini, of course that' s my sign. I` m born in May,22. So, you know, I have a dual personality. This is the first part of the session by Bruno and it will be named "Man of Gemini". The second part have a video like this, so wait for December news, the bright side is hot, but the dark session with another side of Gemini will be more. Follow me on Instagram: @DanSanches2017 Snapchat and Twitter: @DanielShowsOff

The Model and The Photographer

Ph. By Hélio Beltrânio
Movie Re-edited for my YouTube Channel, but removed by violating the stupid rules of the site.

∆ Beach - New Youtube Video

Find the ∆

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oloSSolo - Teaser

"Well, dreams, they feel real while we're in them right? Its only when we wake up then we realize that something was actually strange." Cobb - Inception (Movie) This is what I mean on this video! Become a Patron to watch this full and explicit movie.

YouTube Channel

Now I have my own channel on youtube. There you can watch me talking about my movies, some backstages of photoshoots and preview of my new films.  There`s a space to you talk to me more, see something different and maybe you can be surprised of how I really am.

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Exclusive Content
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