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Candy Shop - Screen Caps

The screen caps uptade is here with more pics and the full movie will be available tomorrow, just for my Patrons here: Watch the trailer here:

Galheta Part 3 - Explicit Teaser

Hello! Now is available the explicit teaser from my new movie - Galheta Part 3. Watch here: 
The full movie exclusive for Patrons will be available in 10/28 here:

Galheta P3 - Pics

Galheta Part 3

Exploring the rocks!
Watch now the new movie.

Red Room Solo - XXX Teaser

The XXX Teaser from my new movie.
Watch, enjoy and leave your comments.
Let's go to my red room. 

oloSSolo 18.2 - Teaser

Don't tell anyone your happiness to keep happy.

Galheta Part 2 - Video Teaser

This movie is from my trip to a nudist beach. Galheta is the name of this beach at Florianopolis - Santa Catarina / Brazil
Galheta Part 2 from Daniel Sanches on Vimeo.
Coming soon the full movie just for my patrons here:

Bondage Part 1 - Fabio Motta

Bondage with Fabio Motta
Bondage Part 1 - Fabio Motta from Daniel Sanches on Vimeo.

World Cup Nude Series Ep3

Jardim Silveira São Paulo 27/06/2018 World Cup Game Brazil vs Serbia

World Cup - Nude Series 3 from Daniel Sanches on Vimeo.

White Thong - The Movie

I have a partnership with a line of hot underwear named PrusQuinttus. You can see this model here: I always love to watch old movie from 80's with strippers dressing G-string. A kind of unusual fetish, looking for how underwear's evolution goes to long trunks. I'm a old school guy and love to see strong guys with tiny and little underwear, showing butt and all curves. Of course I love to wear it, this make me feel sexy.  See my photo session with this thong here: Well, no more long talk. Watch my new video showing and rubbing my body all over my bedroom with my new white thong.
White Thong Teaser from Daniel Sanches on Vimeo.

XXX Teaser:

Galheta Part 1 - Teaser

Galheta Teaser 1 from Daniel Sanches on Vimeo.

This is the first part of the movie from my last trip to the nudist beach Galheta - Florianópolis/SC

Watch the full movie from Part 1 and wait for the next part.

Galheta - Teaser 1

This is just the first teaser. 
Galheta - Teaser 1 from Daniel Sanches on Vimeo.

Dan Goes naked at the Rio's Beach

This is a movie from my last trip to Rio de Janeiro. That was not a nudist beach. So, that's the risk to get naked there. Meanwhile, I get a hot moment at the final movie, my Patrons will know what I'm talking about.
Watch this full movie here:

oloSSolo 18.1

oloSSolo Project 18.1 Teaser do Filme - oloSSolo 18.1 disponível na versão explicita no ou por e-mail: Teaser from the movie oloSSolo 18.1 available on my blog or by email to Mais videos completos e fotos exclusivas acesse To full exclusive videos and photos visit: Não esquece de me seguir na midias sociais, estou em quase todax Follow me on my social medias: Instagram: @DanielSemVergonha Snapchat and Twitter: @DanielShowsOff

The Lake - Full and Explicit Photo Session

This is the first part of the photo shoot with the photographer Bruno Wendel. Have access now to preview photos:
The session by Bruno will be named "Man of Gemini". The second part have more pics like this, so wait for December news, the bright side is hot, but the dark session with another side of Gemini will be more. The Full Session with explicit Photos and the Full Movie are available to my Patrons here: You have to subscribe to have access!
Here is the video trailer:
Follow me on Instagram: @DanSanches2017 Snapchat and Twitter: @DanielShowsOff

Solo Vol. 2

Do you know the exact moment of your orgasm? It`'s few seconds when you go to another dimension and you are not there anymore. It's happens before the cumshot, I can garant.

Solo Vol. 2 - Teaser powered by XTube

Watch this full movie and see my moment at another dimension. If you like, show me yours. Link:

oloSSolo - Teaser

"Well, dreams, they feel real while we're in them right? Its only when we wake up then we realize that something was actually strange." Cobb - Inception (Movie) This is what I mean on this video! Become a Patron to watch this full and explicit movie.

Colors - Part 2 Video Teaser

Watch the full movie:

Colors Part 1 - Blue

Solo Vol. 1 - Coming Soon

Solo Vol.1 Next Friday Night XXX

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