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Jockstrap Session - Photos

New photos of my Jockstrap Session! Click here!

BarCode Jockstrap - Pics & Video

This is a gift and I made this pics and a hot video to show it. You know Ioooove jockstraps. I love red too.  More pics here!
 Videos Here!

Erotic Jocks

I love erotic underwear! Jockstraps is the most erotic underwear I know, cause it turns me on, I feel like I'm naked but I'm not. Tease another people is what I love, and this jocks works.
Click here for more pics:

Red Jockstrap - Youtube Video

This video is for who don't have shame to wear a jockstrap. This was a gift of a friend, but you can buy one like this here:

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Exclusive Content
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