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Antonio da Silva Films - Brazil Movies

This is Art and Porn at the same time. I am proud of been part of this and I have not shame of be a man who want to break all the rules of this hypocrital society. I believe in freedom of mind, body, sex, behaviors and all this social appologies. I have no regrets. Watching this you agree with all the terms of the manifest of pornography and exhibitionism by this site.
With Love, Dan
Brazil Carnival              ***         Brazil Jungle              ***         Brazil Solos

Abricó Vol. 2 - Explicit Trailer

Watch me!
Find the ∆ to see more explicit pics ;P

Trailer - What's new in October

Are you ready for October?This is what you'll look here. I have more hot content: - Full Leather/Black and White Photoshoot with the Photographer Joao Hannuch;
- Cruising Park (New Movie);
- Re-visiting (Movie revisiting some public places where I'd get naked);
- Sex Tape (Vol. 1 of a new serie with me and another guys having fun) with Gil Holiver/Porn Actor;
- New Solo video (Homemade);
- Youtube Videos (Dan Talk and Teasers).
Are you ready for this? Im here for you! Are you here for me?
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