About Dan

I'm just a regular guy who start at this world of imagination looking for some pleasure and happiness!
Here is a space where I show my fantasies, my work with nudity, including professional photographers and directors or just homemade pics and videos by myself.
I'm a amateur Video Maker, Male Model, Adult Performer at Sex Clubs and Sex Parties, Stripper and Blogger.
I Started my movies filming strippers at Gay Clubs in São Paulo.
I always looking for some attention and eyes with my body, and my fetiche with voyeurism/exhibitionism was always something that appearing on my fantasies.
The male body in erotic photos and videos always been a interesting world for me. I visit old stuff and have ideas to make my films. The slow moves, the sensuality and the curiosity are the fuel to my work. I'll post here photos and videos where I'll explore the soft-porn.
My work with nude at videos or photography is something very natural for me, is like I was made for this.
I love to play games, and start doing some videos out there, feeling the adrenaline, the dangerous and the possibility of been caught or saw by some people, that's a huge and extreme feeling of freedom and ecstasy. It's better than drugs or sex to me, and for you know, I really love sex.
I love sexy underwear like jockstraps, thongs, transparent briefs, some hot and little swimwear and strings. 
You can talk to me here: 
My craziness is more about exhibitionism, including take of my clothes in public places. 
You can call me for Jobs, Business, Partnership and Private Shows.
The most part of my Movies and Photo Sessions have an Explicit and Full Version.
To have access to all the content is just have to subscribe here:

But if you want some special is just send an email to address above.
I ask for pledges of my Patrons to have good stuffs like a good Camera, good internet on my home and cellphone, good systems and apps to edit and make my movies and photos better for your pleasure.
I have many ideas, including another people on the videos, help with the making off and sometimes a studio, technical assistance and some travel for doing my work.
Well, do you have something like this to show me? Do you want to be part of this team of exhibitionists? Send me your ideas and we can talk.
I'm here opening my heart and my mind for you. Be kindness!
I want to start a team of guys who love to play this game. If you want to be part of this team you have to know it include some rules and engagement. I spent some time and money with this, but I do all this for love.
This is a space to nudists, naturists and everyone who love to show your body too.

You can dare me to do something, I'll make a video or picture and you have the full and exclusive access to every material.

I'm here for you now and you'll have to be here for me!
Thank you for your attention and I'm very glad you came visit my blog.
You always be welcome!


  1. Such a beautiful man and sweet friend via long distance. You have always been kind to me and I will always have a spot in my heart for you. I await the day when we meet


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