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Candy Shop - Screen Caps

The screen caps uptade is here with more pics and the full movie will be available tomorrow, just for my Patrons here: Watch the trailer here:

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Candy Shop - Photo Session + Movie Trailer

Photos by D. Vieira All photos and full movie coming soon here:

Pink Pillow 2018 - Pics

Halloween Photo Session

Photos by D. Vieira Watch the full photo session and movie here:

Galheta Part 3 - Explicit Teaser

Hello! Now is available the explicit teaser from my new movie - Galheta Part 3. Watch here: 
The full movie exclusive for Patrons will be available in 10/28 here:

Galheta P3 - Pics

Galheta Part 3

Exploring the rocks!
Watch now the new movie.

Exclusive Content

Exclusive Content
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